Thursday, July 3, 2008

-Really good friends and really good food-

Last night I went to dinner with a few of the other girls in our Young Women's presidency. Well I was already excited to go because I just love all of them to death, and then they told me we were going to the Cheesecake Factory! I had never been there and had always heard good things about it, so I was pretty happy to finally be able to try it. And I absolutely loved it! It was so yummy and the atmosphere was awesome. Plus, it really helps to have such fun friends to go with. We had a really good time and just talked forever. I think we actually started to kinda get the stink eye from our waitress because we stayed so long after we were done eating. Anyway, we went for Liz's birthday, so we told them that and this is how they brought out her cheesecake!!
Isn't that so cute? I loved how they added that little personal touch by writing her name on it too. We were all pretty impressed! (A little too impressed probably!) Anyway, we had such a great time, I love those girls so much. Here is a picture of all four of us after we had stuffed ourselves silly!! :)

Oh, and I HIGHLY recommend trying the Cheesecake Factory if you haven't already- it's SO GOOD!! Hope everyone has a GREAT holiday weekend!!