Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just call me Mrs. Blogs-a-lot

Aren't I just so good at this blogging thing? Yeah, I think so too. Yes I haven't posted since September, but I really like to build suspense so you never know when my next one will be. Pretty smart eh? Yeah, I really am just kinda lazy about the whole thing :) Every day I think "hm, I should write a new post today," and then I just don't cause I am cool like that. Plus I am pretty sure that my life is pretty boring compared to people with kids and stuff, so I don't always have stuff to write about. Kinda like right now. We had a good Halloween, nothing to write home about. Or blog about really. So anyway, this is why I don't blog. Because it ends up just being pointless like this. So I am going to be done now. Hopefully something exciting will happen sometime soon so I can blog about it :)